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DOTTIE:  You think the Manor will treat us to lunch every week? 

They’re pretty stingy.

VELMA:  Why would they treat us?  They didn’t treat us today. 

I heard we have a secret benefactor.

MARGE:  Really?  Who?

VELMA:  If I knew, it wouldn’t be secret.  But they’re paying for the

whole shebang!  Maybe Sarah knows!  Sarah?

SARAH:  I can’t say.

TOM:  Hmmm.  Interesting choice of words.

ALMA: What a menu!   I've ordered pastrami.  That's something we don't ever get!

SHIRLEY:   I’m getting fried shrimp.

LOU:  I’m getting a dark green salad with NO iceberg lettuce.  I’m sick of that tasteless stuff.     

Have you noticed that every senior menu has iceberg lettuce instead of mixed  greens?  Why is that?

BERNIE:  Probably for the same reason they think we want gravy on everything. 

Thick,  pasty white gravy or thick, pasty brown gravy.   Hmmmm.  Just smell that! 

    (To Mimi.)

    Reminds me of your cooking.  You were a great cook.

MIMI:  I still am.  I just don’t do it any more.  I gave away my pots and pans.

BERNIE:  I loved your chicken soup.

MIMI:  You never told me.

BERNIE:  You must have known.

                   Because you knew.

MIMI: (To Alice.)   How do you live with that?

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