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“Suspenders touched the soul and struck an emotional chord with the audience. It’s about relationships and how life not only goes on but is creative and joyful at every age.  It reminds us that circumstances do not define us, nor do they limit us; we choose how we will react to each circumstance in our lives.  We define who we are by what we believe in and nothing, not even age, can take that away from us.”

                - Susan de Castro McCann, Lyons Redstone Review,

                  June 18, 2008

“Suspenders” will wrap your heart in a sweater of warmth – one stitch of laughter at a time.  It’s wit, humor and sincerity will touch everyone who sees it and tweak memories in the most unexpected ways.”


       - Rick Padden, Berthoud Surveyor
                 May 28, 2008   

“This weekend in Longmont, CO theater enthusiasts lucky enough to hold tickets enjoyed the sold-out, debut performance of “Suspenders.”    This enchanting musical comedy, set in a modern-day nursing home, will remind you of every crotchety, scatty, or zany relative you love.  The authentic ensemble of fourteen cantankerous inhabitants, two overworked nurses, one light-fingered teenager, a virtuous new-comer, and a dog sets the stage for this dysfunctional ‘family’ to offer the audience a room full of continuous laughter.  From the battle of the Bridge and the MahJong players to the melody, Where Did I Put My? you will find yourself swept up in the humor of, “oh yeah, I know someone like that!”  If you enjoyed “Mid-life Crisis” earlier this year at Boulder’s Dinner Theater, you’ll love “Suspenders.”


                 - Kim Tomsic, My Town Colorado,

                   May 27, 2008



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