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Production Requirements


Cast Requirements

4 men, baritone, character age 65+

11 women, soprano and alto, character age 65+

1 girl, alto/soprano, character age 14

1 nurse, alto, character age 24

1 waiter or waitress, character age open

1 dog owner, male or female, character age open

1 dog

Set Requirements

Assisted Living Facility:  One Common Room, One Bedroom,

One Optional Outdoor Scene.

Running Time

    108 minutes (2 Acts)

Orchestration available

    Complete piano score with vocal parts

    Vocal sides

    Optional bass and percussion parts

Musical Numbers

“Do You See Us?”                                      

“Waiting for the  Next Thing”

“So and So Just Died”

“I Never Thought I’d Be Here”


“You’re Everything I’m Not”

“We Live for Bridge”

“I’ve Really Had Enough”

“Hello/I Helped Somebody”

“We’re Friends”

“I Don’t Want to Be The Last”

“The Terrible Toos Blues”

“Where Did I Put My”

“Let’s Talk About the Day”

“She’s Quite a Woman”

“Do You See Us?”

“We’re Friends”(optional curtain call)

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