Real Life Musicals - Bios



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Debi Stevenson

    Composer/lyricist for “Suspenders”    

    Composer/lyricist/playwright for “The Ride with Santa”

Debi is a composer, pianist, lyricist, playwright, and teacher from Longmont, Colorado. She plays solo piano, and is the pianist with the band, ”We Speak Jazz”.  Debi has written songs and arrangements for the show, Spoon River Anthology, and for various singers, commercials, and film scores.  She is currently writing her third musical.


Nina Davis

    Playwright for “Suspenders”

Nina is an artist and writer whose professional background has primarily been with community service nonprofits.  Suspenders, her first stage piece, sprang from an overwhelming desire to playfully open some of the doors behind which many seniors are quietly aging.